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Interview With Fashion Designer Rama Rrebbapragada

She loves fashion, irresistible about clothes, fancy about designing, creates magic and offers happiness. Well, who is she? She is Rama Rrebbapragada, a Hyderabad based fashion designer who armed the glory to create fantastic designs with a touch of simplicity. There is a lot more to get know about her, check here! Since how long you have been designing and what inspired you to enter into this field?  Since 15 long years I have been into this endless glee generating fashion designing world with a good customer base who are fond of my designs. Fashion more or less get connects to people who can’t move without it, that could be from any way. When it’s about fashion a twin word passion comes along the way for me every time and I love getting struck with designs and clothes round the clock. It’s Absolute passion for duds and partly sartorial choices of  Mrs .  Indira Gandhi  poised me all together to wake up with a dream of becoming ‘fashion designer’.  Share something a