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Interview With Fashion Designer Rama Rrebbapragada

She loves fashion, irresistible about clothes, fancy about designing, creates magic and offers happiness. Well, who is she? She is Rama Rrebbapragada, a Hyderabad based fashion designer who armed the glory to create fantastic designs with a touch of simplicity. There is a lot more to get know about her, check here!
  1. Since how long you have been designing and what inspired you to enter into this field?
 Since 15 long years I have been into this endless glee generating fashion designing world with a good customer base who are fond of my designs.
Fashion more or less get connects to people who can’t move without it, that could be from any way. When it’s about fashion a twin word passion comes along the way for me every time and I love getting struck with designs and clothes round the clock. It’s Absolute passion for duds and partly sartorial choices of MrsIndira Gandhi poised me all together to wake up with a dream of becoming ‘fashion designer’. 
  1. Share something about your background
Though I did my B.Com and CA articles, love for Fashion designing was always there in me. I know it’s a whole new world as I didn’t  get trained on it but the grit and gut feel made me to receive consent from my parents and then I have got the taste of success from my first exhibition conducted in Jaipur and the rest is what you are seeing now.
  1. Do you confront any setbacks in reaching this position?
In the initial stage while stepping towards designing with out any former training, like many people I also confronted some backlashes in finding where to get the proper materials from and how every material acts likewise.  Well, of-course transcending them was a choice of winning.
  1. How do you stay up to date regarding trends?
I’m a big tv buff! I watch every new movie that hit theaters and tends to catch up with daily television serials that directly or indirectly helps me to keep up with the trends. Magazines are power houses of inspiration. Also observing people and how they are inclining to trends gives me a flow. Though it is not my stint to replicate any one else’s design, I get boosted up with the new creations comes out with underlying note called ‘trends’.
  1. How would you describe your design style?
Women in Rama’s creations grabs’ people attention with great color combinations and elegant designs. She won’t be too sophisticated but looks classy even in a simple creation as every design is made out from best of the quality fabrics.
  1. Which skills make a fashion designer successful?
A fashion designer has to have multiple facets as designing alone can’t makes him niche in the industry. He/she should be good at managing people, adapt at developing good network, agile at mixing colors and majorly, obsessed with fashion.
  1. Which things give you inspiration while creating designs?
Starting from the earth to sky, everything in this world inspires me depending up on the time and context. I have the habit of watching different types of birds crossing my residence while taking sip from my coffee mug, the way they live and care for each other immensely captivates me and unleashes some creative corners of my mind. If you see, birds take a good count in my collections.
  1. Describe a typical day in your life as a fashion designer and a person
I begin my day waking up early which follows doing yoga and before the clock chimes 10.30 I reach my studio and start designing or passing suggestions on how a design has to come out. Organizing which designs have to be done, sourcing materials and going in person to get the material that suits best to a design all takes my day in a beautiful way.
  1. What has been your biggest professional success?
If a person is doing what he/she loves to do, every single day ends up with success. “I’m doing what I’m passionate about and making my clientele happy with finest designs I create, and what else could make a person feel successful other than getting compliments and support from the customers?
  1. What is fashion in your perspective?
Fashion allows you to show what you are to the world, indeed it’s an extension of ourselves. I believe fashion is form a respect that we give for ourselves, for our clothes and for our lives. On the whole it’s a blessing we received in our lives!
  1. Would you like to contribute any style tip to our readers? 
Fashion has to be something that complies with one’s own comfort levels. Giving a dramatic change to your wardrobe erases fashion statement that you might have been carrying since years. So, do not take a leap in sudden, experiment with your conventional choices and slowly stumble in the attire you like to wear. Also, before wearing attire one should have to remember whether a particular costume works for her or not, keeping the celebrity guide aside.

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