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Launch of online platform

Its been a long-cherished dream of mine to create a online presence for my designs which clients can simply buy in just a click. It’s a really complicated and highly skilled work out there to create a website. I am hoping that we are almost done with the complex procedure and will be most happy if I can launch it soon.

Thanks, you for being such wonderful support and patient clients. once the website is launched. I will post pics of each unique collection once in 15 days. most of my collections will be available online in medium size and a design once sold will not be recreated more than once.


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Magic & Logic of blouses

A woman’s happiness at having a well stitched, stylish and matching blouse with a saree knows no bounds. A lot of times we find women draped in awesome sarees but ill fitted blouses. The reasons could be many.

1.Bad fit 2.Fabric issue 3.Mismatch color 4 Inappropriate design
The charm of draping a simple saree lies in teaming it up with a good blouse. A apt blouse has to be not only cut and fitted well,it also has to enhance the color of the saree. The style or design should be interesting and the fabric should be conducive to the weather conditions. Personally, I would be most happy to wear silks even in summer,If my blouse was in cotton and vice versa. Comfort and personal style play a very important role in creating one’s blouse wardrobe.

The flexibility of current trends in design allows one to team up, mix and match blouses in different hand loom fabrics with short/long lengths, necklines which permit one to be comfortable in a saree for an entire day. Above all a stylish blouse does …