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Studio Rama - Textile Passion

Once in a while, we outgrow our ragged jeans and shirt and make efforts to flaunt our feminine side. For some, it’s already an acquired style, but for many, it’s just a spur-of-the-moment thing to doll up and dress like a fashionista. As we tend to dress only for the occasion, it’s better to pick up clothes that would highlight our personality and bring out the best in us. Well, there’s no need to wait because Studio Rama is the brand that we are all looking for.   Studio Rama is the brainchild of the designer, Rama Rrebbapragada. It is a prestigious line of handmade, handloom and one of kind pieces. Each individual piece is simply feminine with a mix of soft design and high-quality fabric. The designer believes in being simple yet elegant. She strongly believes the fact that anyone can be uniquely stylish and standout in the crowd with attire that is graceful and audacious in appeal, teamed with the right attitude and style, irrespective of age and gender. The brand mostly featu